Snake catcher Melbourne and Victoria.

If an unwanted snake arrives in your garden, you will need to find a snake catcher to come and get it. Snake removal is a tricky business that may require skill and expertise beyond that of the average person. With many species being dangerous to humans and the possibility of a dangerous bite an ever present threat, it makes sense to get in an expert. In Melbourne there are a number of professional snake handler types who work in the business of snake removals, snake control and animal handling on a daily basis. They know how to deal with deangerous wildlife and can easily deal with the threats to other people as needed and often 24 hours a day or night. It is important to have an expert snake handler and snake catcher in Melbourne and Victoria in particular as the most abundant snakes and reptiles are the dangerous kinds such as Black, Brown, Tiger and Copperhead.

Snake Handling Courses.

Some people actually want to get a day job as a snake catcher to engage in venomous snake removals. While it is a potentially dangerous job and work is generally seasonal at best, it makes sense to get proper training. There are many experts out there, but this of course varies and some so-called experts are just that, so called! Unfortunately anyone with agift of the gab can convince state wildlife officers to give them a reptile handling or teaching permit. Some of the so-called experts out there just aren't. However with a bit of homework you may be able to find a genuine and verifiable expert to teach you all you need to know about snake capture, snake catching, finding, relocation and more in a nationally recognized and accredited snake handling course. Courses are conducted everywhere including, Melbourne, Victoria, Brisbane, Queensland, Darwin in the NT and of course Perth and Western Australia. While it may be sensible to get local expertise, often the people with the most expertise on snakes don't neccessarily live where they are at any given time. People move around and so a trainer from Melbourne may in fact have more expertise than one in Adelaide, South Australia, if the former has spent considerable time in the relevant place. Before deciding to embark on a snake handler course it makes sense to check on the credntials of the trainer so that you get the best training course possible. Because a venomous snake bite is a risk you don't want to deal with it does make a lot of sense to take every care possible when selecting who is going to be your teacher.

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Reptile shows.

Various kinds of educational wildlife shows are doing the rounds and in terms of snake safety and reptile awareness a reptile show is a great way to teach people the things they need to know to stay alive. This is especially the case if the people involved don't want to engage in the messy business of snake wrangling. There are many snake shows and reptile displays doing the rounds in Melbourne, Victoria and elsewhere and they range from very hands-on to totally hands off. Some are run by experts and others by novices. It makes sense to shop around before committing to one reptile display in favour of another. Some incursions will bring along harmless species only, others only the dangerous ones and yet others will bring in both! Work out what you want to see before booking anyone. In Melbourne, most of the local species are in fact the dangerous snakes, so there is a strong merit in getting a deadly snake display at your next reptile awareness session. These reptile shows in Melbourne are useful for scout groups, golf course workers, wildlife officers, kids who live in bush areas and anyone else likely to come into contact with snakes and other reptiles as a part of their day job.