Snake parties in Melbourne.

Snake parties can mean many things to many people. It may mean kids dressing up as snakes and crawling around, or it could mean a party where someone comes along with a load of live snakes. In Melbourne Australia, one company goes even further and not only brings live snakes for the kids to hold, but also crocodiles, frogs and a heap of other animals for the children.
Planning a childrens party is not easy at the best of times, but when a snake party with live animals is on the menu, things are often easier. The kids are usually entertained and educated for an hour or more and at the end of the event, all you need to do is feed the people and cut the birthday cake.
At a snake party the kids usually arrive at your house at the same time as the reptile handler. Then before the kids go feral and start wrecking things, the party proper starts. The entertainment is scheduled in a way that the host usually does not have to entertain the children at all. For the next hour or so, while the kids are being educated about wildlife and handling the critters, all the host usually has to worry about is having food on hand when the kids are finished with the reptiles display.
After handling animals it is best to show the kids the way to the bathroom so that they can wash their hands and make sure they are germ free before getting stuck into the food. Also I should mention that a reptile party without photos just isnít the real deal, so make sure you have someone on hand taking photos. If you canít find someone make that person yourself. Of critical importance is to make sure you get photos of each and every child holding or at least patting an animal.
You can imagine the outrage of a parent, if she has no photographic memories of her childís experience with reptile parties in Melbourne. Also make sure you try to get a group photos of all the kids holding animals at the same time if you can. Such an image always sets the mood of the occasion in terms of your memories of the date.
While reptile parties are usually safe for the kids, there have been incidents involving deaths and the like at reptile shows. In other words make sure that you check the credentials of the snake handler you have in attendance on the day. The rule of thumb is to find out how long they have been in business, their level of expertise and whether or not they have had any safety incidents involving people getting carted off to hospital.
Unfortunately this is not easy to do. A number of inexperienced and unscrupulous operators go out of their way to lie about experience they do not have, or serious safety incidents that they cover up.
In 2006 a complaint was lodged with the ACCC about a company who had commenced business at the time in 2006 and made false claims about being recognized as the best in the business. This claim had to be false as the company had only been operating for less than a month and had no reputation to support the claim. However the business had erected a website with fake testimonials spanning back a decade to support their false claims.
The ACCC upheld the complaint against the business but decided to take no action against them. Obviously protecting the safety and welfare of Australian children was not important to government regulators. So kids are still at risk from being duped by inexperienced operators who put lives at risk.
Another snake handler from Brisbane advertised on his website in 2012 that he had a perfect safety record, even though he had himself experienced three near fatal snakebites requiring rushed trips to hospital within a 12 month period prior. In Melbourne, the company run by Snakeman Raymond Hoser has been in business for more than three decades and has an unmatched perfect safety record.
Kids parties with Hoser and his staff are fun, educational and most importantly totally safe. Most people in Melbourne, Victoria and nearby parts of Australia prefer to have safe snake shows, wildlife displays and the like with Hoser and his team as opposed to less experienced operators.
However in terms of booking snake parties for kids in Melbourne, it is always worth being aware that for the childrens snake handlers at reptile shows, bookings may be heavy and so you may not be able to get the exact time and date you want. In other words, the advice is to ring and book well in advance of when you seek to run the birthday party and also be flexible if you can in terms of booking times.
These parties with lives snakes and reptiles can be run indoors or out, but the general view is that indoors is by far the best for the kids, especially when you factor in the unreliable Melbourne weather.