A kids birthday party in Victoria.

Parties in Victoria and Melbourne can include a range of themes. Besides the big outdoor events and the like, people often throw enormous private parties as well. Toorak is probably the main party suburb, where the people can afford to pay for the biggest and best entertainment.
Some of the mansions feature overseas musicians as well as bevy of local entertainment acts. The adult parties may include fire-walkers, magicians, acrobats, circus troupes, model shows and more. The kids parties or entertainment for the children at an adult party may include an animal farm, live reptile show, pony rides, jugglers, fairies, face-painters, themed cartoon characters and more.
More recent innovations have seen mobile zoos, complete with cages and static displays attending shopping malls for holiday programs and other extraordinary attractions.
As a large city housing more than 3 million people Melbourne boasts a diversity of ethnic groups and cultural events, each having their own party style. This also means that most weekends, something exciting is on somewhere. Added to the atmosphere of a party in Victoria is the reliably unreliable weather, which in Melbourne can range from boiling hot to freezing cold and at any time of year. The saying that if you donít like Melbourneís weather, you can wait five minutes and it will change is often true and adds yet another dimension to many outdoor events in the southern Australian city.
One place in the city where people like to entertain themselves is the Melbourne City Square as well as the nearby Federation Square. Both venues often have free entertainment or buskers on hand. I should note that for any would-be buskers in Melbourne, that they should get themselves a permit or licence from the city council, as a failure to have one can easily land you in jail.
It is not uncommon for people to be shot and killed when arrested by police in Melbourne, so it is something you really do want to avoid at all costs!
Parties held by people for childrens birthdays and the like in Victoria are usually done in private homes and are therefore not regularly touted as being part of the Melbourne scene. However noting that many people in the city attend kids parties and similar family gatherings every weekend, they should be noted as being a part of the thriving activity of the city. With most Melbournians still owning a free-standing home on a house block in suburbia, the back-yard barbie remains a firm part of the Melbourne culture and the cultural experience of the locals and their immediate guests.
At the in-home parties it is not uncommon to hire pair entertainment in the form of a myriad of people and companies doing all sorts of things. One of the more popular parties in Victoria these days for kids is the childrens reptile party which always draws a crowd.
Some are very hands on and allow the people to get a hands on experience and get educated about Australiaís unique wildlife at the same time. However some of the others are notorious for being very opposed to the concept of kids being allowed to hold or even touch the animals, so it pays to check out who does what before making a booking, if you are organising the incursion.
While on the weekends traffic in Melbourne is not usually a problem, it can be difficult on certain days and at certain times of the year. If you are travelling near a major stadium or similar, always allow extra travelling time in the event you go near an event or game that is just starting or finishing. In years part, football matches in particular started and finished at the same times and only on the weekends. However with most sports now being geared towards TV audiences and the schedules of the major networks, games start and finish at all hours and so people should be mindful of this.