reptile partiesSnake show entertainment in Melbourne is always popular with kids and adults.
At childrens festivals and school incursions the reptile show display is always the most popular incursion on the school calendar. However snake shows are often seen elsewhere.
In the summer months across Victoria you may see a wildlife display at any number of major street festivals, agricultural shows, trade exhibitions and more.
With locally occurring wildlife including dangerously venomous snakes, it is important that people be aware of the animals likely to be seen in their part of the world.
Venomous snake shows are by definition a risky affair. If the handler gets bitten, he or she will invariably be taken to hospital in an ambulance and may well die on the job.
However one company in Melbourne has solved the safety issue by using deadly snakes that have had their venom removed by keyhole surgery. That is the entire venom apparatus has been removed. The snakes get to keep their teeth and fangs and are by all appearances normal, however they no longer pose a risk to any handler.
Snake displays are always great entertainment, but are even a better prospect for teachers when they know that the displays are safe as well.
In Melbourne the most commonly seen snake is the Mainland Tiger Snake a large and dangerously venomous species. Only the snake man can hold these at a public display legally and in compliance with the OH and S rules which prohibit the placing of people at risk in work places and the like.
The operation to devenomize snakes used in venomous wildlife displays has been attempted many times since at least the 1930ís but the snake man Ray Hoser was the first in the world to perfect the operation and publish a how-to paper for other veterinary surgeons to follow.
Today, devenomized snakes are used globally and with great success, the upshot being that the relevant snake handlers do not run the risk of an early death from handling snakes. However in Australia, in the state of Victoria, business competitors of the snake man had the operation outlawed, in order to put the snake man and his clients at risk.
For the time being as of 2014, the snake man has plenty of devenomized snakes, but if he is unable to get more and if his snakes all died of old age, things may of course change.
In the meantime for people seeking a safe and informative reptile awareness session, toolbox toak or even a course for snake handlers and reptile relocation, it pays to shop around and make sure that your provider is safe and with devenomized snakes.
A snake handler who does an informative snake show will be upfront and honest about what they know, how many years they have been in the reptile education business for and all other relevant information.
If you dont get told correct information at that stage of proceedings, it makes sense to deal with a proper expert instead.
To find out more about the best way to have a safe and educational snake show, visit the website at known as the Melbourne reptile show company, for all kinds of education including kids parties, corporate party entertainment and school incursions.