Kids Parties Ideas - having a fun show!

Kids parties are quite often the highlight in a childs early life and so should be planned with care. A weekend day with friends and family and lots of gifts and the like is sometimes overwhelming for a child. One of the hardest things to find to make every guest happy is the main activity to entertain the children at the kids party. With the rise in popularity of crocodile wranger shows and discovery tv, there has come an increased interest in aninal themsed events and wildlife party show events. Whether you go for the jungle theme, frogs and turtles or something involving snakes a reptile display may make a lot of sense.

Its heartening to see kids running about in onseies dressed as their favourite animal with a smile on their face. Having native critters at the party seems to cap off an unforgettable day. large kids and adults often enjoy the creatures more than the kids and the crowd favourites are usually the crocodile or giant python snake. Very few kids don't get excited when they see a huge snake uncoil and stit over several of them as they line up to hold the animal, being too big for just one child to pick up.

So if you are planning your next child's birthday event why not experiment with a jungle themed party and bring the reptiles and frogs. All the guests will enjoy the education and the entertainment and who knows, you may even get come converts to the cause of wildlife conservation. There are always photo opportunities and lifetime memories as well. Add the animals to the party invite list and you will be satisfied with your choice. For more info visit:


Reptile Parties

Reptile parties are an innovative way to run the event as children get excited by watching anything that moves. The kids will be amazed at the way the animals move, feel to touch, and move when held. Venomous snakes, crocodiles, birds and other wildlife all hold children in wonder and way longer than other passing forms of entertainment. The attention of the children is taken away from the junk food on offer and so the reptile parties theme is also healthier than a lot of the alternatives on offer. Wildlife displays and reptile party shows teach the kids about being kind and nice to others, the animals we share the world with and in turn foster a desire to engage in conservation and other worthy pursuits as they get older.

At a reptile party the children can see and hold turtles, pythons (non-venomous snakes), the venomous ones at a safe distance, insects, frogs, lizards, and even crocodiles. The kids programs are organized so that no kid misses out and the children all take home an enjoyable experience in a safe and non-threatening way. The animal handlers are trained not just with wildlife, but also in dealing with children of all types, age, learning stage and ethnic background.

The birthday child is always the star of the chow and for them they get to be the first to hold the animals if they so wish. If the birthday child is shy, then maybe a sibling or good friend can volunteer to take their role as the first one to handle the different animals. Often this role is shared among the children, especially if the event is not a birthday party, but rather some other children's incursion, such as a school study session. Most of the time the mums and dads on hand will bring out their phones and digital cameras and take the best possible photos of their loved ones draped in reptiles and other wild animals. It is not uncommon to see the adults taking selfies and uploading them in the middle of the party and then laughing at reactions of friends elsewhere after they have seen them. Different shows are different, but in the better displays at kids party shows, the children all get to hold the animals and for a reasonable length of time.

While it isn't rare to see a given child be shy and not want to hold an animal at the start, it is amazing how many will gain confidence, so that by the end of the day, they too want to touch and hold as many kinds of animals are on offer. Of course most people say that the party is one of the most memorable hands on experiences they have ever had.
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Reptile handler party

A snake handleror reptile handler party is a theme similar to a reptile show party, but is usually something done by older kids and young adults. Handling a non-venomous snake such as a python is literally child's play. However handling a venomous reptile is a different kettle of fish, or should we say, snakes. A snake handler party, could be described as a reptile awareness show and is common for corporate team building events and the like. As an added feature sometime people may want to do the exteme end of things which is a venomous snake handling course, which teaches people things such as wild snake catching, reptile capture, control and how to be a catcher of snakes in remote places. As a course for individuals they are not cheap, but for those who complete them and get a certificate it is something the holder will cherish for life. Many people will have an adrenaline rush as they use a hook to handle a killer snake for the first time in their life, or watching a snake biting onto a stick and then covering it in venom. A gift from a wife to an adverturous husband is one possible use.


snake man party

For the older children, you might want to consider a snake man party for their birthday celebration. Hire the world's leading reptile expert for the night to show you the most spectacular animals on earth and the world's most deadly snakes in a totally safe setting. Find out everything you never knew about reptiles and frogs and other wildlife from the wildlife guru himself. Get the benefit of over 40 years of snake wrangling experience from the world's best known snake handler for an unforgettable party experience that makes all other parties seem tame by comparison!